Marriage record:  Sigmund Brauner and Betti Neumann 1872 Komarom, Hungary

Middle row on the 3-row images.

Entry #275



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        Question 1:    In the middle row, 2nd column, what is the town name under "Sigm Brauner"? [I believe he was born in Bisenz (Bzenec), Moravia, if this helps - but the spelling appears different here]


        Question 2:    In the middle row, 3rd column, what is the name (is it Hersch Brauner?)?  What is the town name under this name? [It would likely be a town in Moravia not far from the town in the previous column.]



Image 2:

        Question 3:    What is the town under "Betti Neuman"?  Is it Altendorf?  Where is this town located?  She lived in a town called Komarom near the Slovak and Hungarian border, so this town Altendorf might be nearby.


        Question 4:    In the middle row, can you confirm that it reads "Ab. Neuman"?  What does "Ab." likely stand for (I am guessing "Abraham" - but would like to know whether anyone can confirm this)?




Image 3:

        Question 5:    Can you translate the headings for the columns?



Image 4:

        Question 6:    Can you translate the headings for the columns?








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