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Welcome to the E-Payment Station!

If you would like to charge your payment online,
please follow the simple instructions below.

To charge your payment on a credit card or debit card using Visa or Mastercard:

1. Start by clicking the "E-Charge Your Payment Now" button below (after reading these instructions).

2. You will be linked to a secure site provided by PayPal. Follow the simple steps, being sure to enter your name, e-mail address, credit card information, and the amount you are paying (under "Item Price"). Your information is secure, and cannot be accessed by others.

3. If you are paying a retainer or advance, in order to cover transaction fees, you must add 2.25% to the amount quoted to you (or simply multiply by 1.0225).

4. If you are paying the entire amount due on your invoice, enter the amount shown on your invoice under the appropriate credit card payment option.

5. If you are paying more than $500.00 cumulatively, and you are not already a verified user of PayPal, you will need to follow several steps in order to verify your identity with PayPal. Unfortunately, these steps may involve a several day process during which PayPal will make two test wires to your checking account, and you will need to check with your bank in order to verify these amounts in order to confirm your identity. The process is simple. If you contact us while pursuing this option, we may be able to extend the time period for a payment under the early payment option to accommodate you during the delay. Please let us know if you are aware of another online service which does not require this inconvenient step.

6. After using this process, you will be returned to our website, and an automatic e-mail receipt will be sent to you by PayPal to confirm your payment. If you have any difficulties in using this process, please Contact Us.

If you are ready to charge your payment now, click on the button below:

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